Build Beyond the Screen

This is so much bigger than just a device, it’s about a whole new computing medium that will transform how we interact with and discover information and engage with people and objects in the world around us. Ultimately, your smartglasses will replace every screen in your life and with ReticleOS, our proprietary operating system, developers will have the tools to accelerate the pursuit of that goal. To learn more about ReticleOS and how to build for the future of mobile computing, sign up below.

API Suite

Our suite of APIs provide access to the ReticleOS framework, giving apps the optimal heads-up experience.

Sample Code

Source code for applications that represent the ReticleOS environment and showcase AR concepts are provided for developers to learn from.

Knowledge Base

Our searchable collection of technical articles and documentation equip developers with the tools and support they need.

Community Forums

Collaborate with other builders at the forefront of heads-up computing by sharing discoveries, answering questions, and presenting questions.

Coding Resources

Pre-built elements, libraries, and other code snippets are available to jump start your development.

Developer Support

Developers can submit support tickets at our Support Center to ask questions, report technical issues or get help with their account.

Join us and pioneer a new computing medium.

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