We are the leader in smartglasses and extended reality technologies, currently in our 10th generation of smartglasses that deliver amazing augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality experiences.

About ODG

Our long history of innovation began when founder Ralph Osterhout developed high-performance electronic toys loved by old and young alike, high-tech devices featured in James Bond movies ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ and ‘Never Say Never,’ and an early mobile headworn product, PVS-7 night vision goggles. Over the last decade ODG has designed a multitude of products, including cellular-based handheld biometric computers, compact, highly portable servers, and miniature UAVs (drones).

Our extensive experience and singular focus today on headworn computing and electro-optics technology is unparalleled within the industry and reflected in the largest extended reality smartglasses portfolio worldwide, each pair designed and optimized for a variety of uses among industrial, enterprise, and business mobility professionals.

ODG’s flagship product line includes the world’s lightest stereoscopic smartglasses, the first hazardous location-certified smartglasses and only THX-certified, true cinematic experience smartglasses -- third party seals of approval that validate our market leadership.

Our Management Team

Ralph Osterhout

Founder, CEO

Pete Jameson

Chief Operating Officer

Nima Shams

VP, Headworn

Mike Lohse

VP, Engineering

John Haddick


Chris White

VP, Business Development

Company Story

We’re a small company that packs a big punch, revolutionizing today’s mobile computing hardware platforms by shifting them from handheld to headworn, delivering meaningful breakthroughs for enterprise and consumers. We are pioneers building amazing extended reality smartglasses that deliver world-class mixed, augmented and virtual reality experiences. Our approach is a little bit stealth and unexpected because the amazement from customers and consumers experiencing our smartglasses is the only voice that matters. Our products drive the conversation.

So much bigger than a device, we’re inspired by the opportunity to transform how we interact with and discover information and engage with people and objects in the world around us. We imagine a world where watching a movie with cinematic clarity on a 75-inch widescreen during a packed daily commute, working privately and securely on multiple screens wherever you are, or collaborating in immersive 3D interactive experiences is the new reality. This isn’t hype or vaporware, it’s the next worldwide mobile computing and communications platform.

ODG is a melting pot of revolutionary minds from across the world. We have an A-Team of experts who come from a broad range of disciplines, including designers, engineers, developers, scientists and support staff who are all dedicated, collaborative and committed to making what was once science fiction a true reality.