The ultimate extended reality smartglasses.

ODG smartglasses are changing the way we view the world. So much bigger than a device, it’s a whole new computing medium that brings people, places, and objects from your physical and digital worlds together. This blended environment becomes our new reality and transforms how we interact with and discover information and engage with people and objects in the world around us.

Loaded With Possibility

State-of-the-Art Mobile Computing. High-definition. Up to 53° FOV. Heads-up, See-thru & Hands Free. True Stereoscopic 3D. Private & Secure. Body Position Independent. Lightweight & Ergonomic. Robust. Android-based OS.

Amazing Augmented and Mixed Reality

Seamlessly integrates high-resolution photorealistic content with the physical world while maintaining connections to your environment and those around you.

Mobile Virtual Reality

Only mobile device for immersive, 3D stereoscopic, 360-degree experiences, takes VR out of the basement and into the world.

Familiar Favorites

Android-based ReticleOS provides access to smartphone work-and-play tools and applications.

The world's most extensive smartglasses portfolio meets all your extended reality needs. Includes the world’s first hazardous location- and THX-certified extended reality devices.

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