R-7 Smartglasses

R-7 smartglasses are ruggedized for industrial use. Improve safety, efficiency and accuracy with telepresence, remote assistance and digital checklist, training and maintenance tools on these high see-through, safety-enhanced smartglasses. Ships worldwide and used in a variety of environments from energy to healthcare to manufacturing and maintenance.

R-7: Changes the Way You Work

A powerful support tool for heads up, hands free work. The R-7 enables enterprise workers with the ability complete complex tasks quickly and easily. In house or out on site, use the R-7 to increase your first time fix rate.

R-7HL: The Only Choice for Heavy Industry

World’s only hazardous location-certified smartglasses, survives and thrives in extreme environments - temperature extremes, chemicals, gas, water, wind and other challenges.

Mobile Virtual Reality

ODG makes the only mobile device for immersive, 3D stereoscopic, 360-degree experiences that take VR out of your basement and into the world.

See Through the Smoke

First-of-its-kind heads-up display (HUD) oxygen mask. Utilizing ODG’s award-winning industrial head-worn technology to aid pilots in emergency landings in the event that the cockpit fills with smoke.

Dependable & Durable

Oil rigs, Smoke filled skies, construction sites, and hostile territory, these smartglasses are ready for it all. Thats why the ODG R-7 series are the safest and toughest on the market.

Heads up, hands free. Digital information at the ready to improve speed, accuracy and efficiency.